FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the role of Risk Management?
    The Risk Management Department is charged with the primary responsibilities of (a) minimizing risk and liability of the District, and of (b) providing a safe environment for the campus communities (staff, students, and the general public).
  2. Is the District responsible for any damage to an employee owned vehicle while parked in a District parking facility?
    As a general rule, the District is not responsible for any loss or damage to an employee owned vehicle. However, your personal auto insurance may cover your loss.
  3. I need to drive a District vehicle, what should I do?
    Anyone who is required to drive a District vehicle (including electric carts) must first be authorized and enrolled in the DMV Pull Notice program and complete Electric Cart Training when applicable.  Visit  to learn more.
  4. Is there any liability if I take my own vehicle for a District meeting?
    In the event of an auto accident insurance involving your private car, your personal insurance is primary.  Neither District insurance nor District funds will reimburse private insurance claims.  Be sure to get prior authorization to use your vehicle for District business purposes (including meetings and required events).  The cost of insurance is factored into the mileage reimbursement.  Therefore, any deductible incurred by an employee in the event of an accident will not be covered.
  5. Are volunteers allowed on District Travel?
    Volunteers may be able to participate in student travel; they must be pre-authorized by the Division Dean.  Please call Risk Management at extension 6193 for information.
  6. What is the approval process for Student Travel?
    There are various forms required for student travel.  Please refer to the Forms section of this page or call Risk Management for information at extension 6193.
  7. In the event of an emergency on campus, what should I do?
    To obtain emergency services call 911 from any campus phone 7 days a week, or call (408) 924-8000 from a mobile phone. To contact the Police Department office, for non-emergency services, call (650) 949-7317, dial Ext. 7313, or email the Police Department at
  8. How do I report a safety concern?
    Submit a Facilities Work Order/Service Request,complete the Safety Issue Report available on the Risk Management Forms page, or call Risk Management at 6193.
  9. My wrist and shoulders are hurting after sitting at my workstation for hours. What should I do?
    Employees should complete an ergonomic self-evaluation. Visit MyPortal/Employee Safety Resources for additional information.
  10. If I am injured on the job, what should I do?
    In the event of an on-the-job injury, District employees must first report to the District Benefits Unit at (650) 949-6224 or  If District Benefits is closed or if the injury requires further medical treatment, employees must go to Kaiser ON-THE-JOB Occupational Medicine Clinic for the initial diagnosis treatment.  Kaiser ON-THE-JOB is located at 10050 N. Wolfe Rd., Suite SW1-190, Cupertino, CA  95014, (408) 236-6160.

Your personal physician may not treat you unless you have placed a memo in your personnel file prior to the injury denoting treatment by your named physician.  In the event of a major medical emergency, please go to the nearest emergency center, hospital or clinic.  Further information regarding Workers Compensation is available at