Risk Management Safety Resources &Training

safety resources & Training


Risk Management makes available to staff resources and training related to safety. To locate the resources, login to MyPortal and select the "Employee Safety Resources" tile.  Available resources include: 

Electric Cart Certification

For employees that drive electric carts and gas-powered utility carts on campus, a short-course has been developed to ensure that every driver of an electric cart understands operating procedures and guidelines while using the vehicles on campus.  Electric cart drivers are expected to pass a short exam at the completion of the study materials to receive their certification to drive a cart.  Instructions are provided on how to access electric cart safety training materials.

Ergonomics Guide for Computer Workstations

For employees to complete a self-assessment of their workstation to minimize ergonomic concerns and issues, including guidelines to request an ergonomic evaluation from an ergonomic consultant when appropriate.

Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Applicable to all employees.  The Foothill - Anza Community College District has adopted an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) that describes specific requirements for program responsibility, compliance, communication, hazard assessment, accident/exposure investigations, hazard correction, training, and record keeping.

Written Safety Programs for Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations

Supplementing the IIPP and regular OSHA training for the FMO team, the District's safety consultant developed several safety programs that are applicable to the work performed by the FMO team.

Reporting Safety Issues

Submit a Facilities Work Order/Service Request, or complete the Safety Issue Report available on the Risk Management Forms page, or call Risk Management at x6193.

As other trainings and resources become available, information will be made available through MyPortal/Employee Safety Resources.

Additionally, general training on more than 150+ topics is made available online through Keenan Safe Colleges.  When information provided through Keenan Safe Colleges conflicts with District procedures and policies, the District's procedures and policies will supersede.  Contact to learn more about how to access this training.