Risk ManagementForms



Email completed forms to (preferred) or send via interoffice mail to the attention of Risk Management.


DMV Driver Record Release Only Employees and Volunteers of Record who have been cleared through Risk Management are authorized to drive District vehicles. Complete the DMV Driver Record Release Form  for authorization to drive a District vehicle, including Electric Carts, Gators, and similar types of vehicles.
Ergonomic Evaluation Request For ergonomic evaluations and minor workstation adjustments; employee must first complete a self-evaluation per the "Ergonomics Guide for Computer Workstations" available in MyPortal under the Employee Safety Resources tile.
Insurance Certificates To request an insurance certificate for proof of coverage. If an Additional Insured endorsement is required, include a copy of the agreement that requires such endorsement.
Safety Issue Report To facilitate the reporting of hazards. Submit a Facilities Work Order/Service Request or alternatively complete this form.
Fieldtrip/Excursion Request Form To establish the proposed travel as an officially recognized college sponsored Activity (Completed by the Instructor/Advisor).
Fieldtrip/Excursion - Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Form To be completed by the Student/Participant and submitted to the Instructor/Advisor at least 10 days in advance of the proposed Fieldtrip/Excursion.
Volunteer of Record

All Volunteers are required to complete a LiveScan criminal history background check through the Distirct Police Department and must be approved by Risk Management prior to start of service.  Volunteers can assist, but may not take the place of a faculty, staff, or union position.

The Volunteer-of-Record (VOR) Program is modified to reflect COVID-19 Pandemic requirements and/or mandates, and shall be in effect until further notice.  Additionally, all Volunteers must comply with Board Policy 3507 'COVID-19 Vaccination Interim Policy' and Self-Certify their vaccination status pior to approval.