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The Foothill - De Anza Community College District has adopted the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA).  Pursuant to this act, once annually, the District must generate a list of qualified bidders for notification to construction trade journals.  Vendors who wish to be registered and be included in the qualified list must include commodity code 900000 in their new registration or update their existing registration.  Please see the 2024 Invitation to Qualified Bidders List at this link: Invitation to Qualified Bidders-Letter Dated 11/9/2023


To all Contractors doing business with Foothill - De Anza Community College District, please see MEMO at the link below regarding Executive Order N-6-22 from Governor Newsom dated April 12, 2022.

MEMO - Executive Order N-6-22 Russia Sanctions



Thank you for your interest in Doing Business with Foothill-De Anza Community College District. We are committed to providing an equal opportunity for all business enterprises in your purchasing and contracting activities. To facilitate this commitment, we have implemented a web-based procurement system hosted by PlanetBids, provided at no cost to all interested businesses. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome browser to register with PlanetBids, other web browsers like Firefox may not be supported.

Vendors who wish to be registered on the District's list of CUPCCAA qualified bidders list must select commodity code 900000 in addition to all other applicable codes.

To begin the process, please REGISTER AS A VENDOR:    PLANET BIDS VENDOR PORTAL 

Once registered as a new vendor you will be able to:

  • View and/or participate in District solicitations (Bids, RFP, and quotes)
  • Receive notification of any future bid opportunities
  • Maintain your own vendor profile
  • Search for all bids and proposals
  • Request and download documents
  • Submit Bids or Proposals electronically

Both formal and informal solicitations may be processed through our online systems.  All responses are due at or before the time shown on each solicitation. Later responses cannot be accepted.  It is the bidder's/proposer's responsibility to ensure that the most complete and current version of the solicitation, including addenda, has been downloaded.

The Purchasing Department has made every effort to make all aspects of the procurement process easy, secure, and reliable.  However, if you need help or have technical issues concerning the features available, please contact PlanetBids Vendor Support at 818-992-1771 for online assistance.