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Links to information about public sector contracts

Requestors can often save considerable time and money by specifying items on their Purchase Requisitions that are available from existing contracts. Here are some key resources for information about public sector contracts:

District Contract Information

The District has contract pricing with the following vendors. Requestors can save time and money by specifying items on their Purchase Requisitions that are available from one of these vendors or by contacting the assigned Buyer for assistance:

Commodity Supplier District Contact Phone
Bus Services First Student, Royal Coach, West Valley Trailways (Avalon), and Storer Coachways Angela Jacobs 650-949-6293
Office Supplies Office Depot (On 10/23/2019 user profiles with no activity in 12 months have been changed to inactive status. To reactivate, contact Purchasing.) Angela Jacobs         650-949-6293
Office Furniture KI, One Workplace, and Pivot Interiors TBD TBD
Computers Dell and Apple (See District standards at the ETS Site)
Angela Jacobs 650-949-6293
Software/Technology Products Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, CDW (See District standards at the ETS site) TBD TBD
Copiers/Printers ETS exception approval required (See Managed Print System Project) John Pham 650-949-6162
Paper, Cut Stock, and Continuous Various Suppliers Eric Olague 650-949-6906
Hardware and Janitorial Supplies Grainger, Waxie Angela Jacobs 650-949-6293
Scientific Supplies Fisher Scientific, VWR Angela Jacobs 650-949-6293
Shredding Services Sure Shred John Pham 650-949-6162
Misc. Products and Supplies Amazon Business (to sign up for an Amazon Business account, please complete the Amazon Business - Request for Access form and email to Angela Jacobs 650-949-6293