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Surplus Equipment Disposal


District departments should request removal of surplus equipment by completing a Surplus Disposal Form.

Use the following Excel sheet if you have more than one item and attach to SN23500.

If surplusing Category I electronic equipment (E-waste), such as computers, CRTs, LCD monitors, LCD TVs, plasma TVs, AV equipment, or hard drives, contact ETS by phone at x8324 or go to, log in using your MyPortal credentials, and then select the ETS Request for Help form. ETS will pick up the equipment and complete the required surplus disposal form and spreadsheet attachment for you. However, for Category II electronic equipment or for non-electronic equipment, you must complete Section A of the Surplus Disposal Form (SN23500), print, sign, and retain a photocopy for your files. Send the signed original, including the appropriate Excel attachment if applicable, to District Purchasing Services. When surplusing more than one unit of electronic equipment, you must complete, sign, and submit the E-Waste Excel Attachment. For multiple non-electronic items complete, sign, and submit the Non-Electronic Excel Attachment. Do not combine electronic and non-electronic items on the same surplus disposal form.

NOTE: Once a completed Surplus Disposal Form is received by the Surplus Coordinator, he/she will coordinate the pick-up of surplus equipment/materials from the designated location by utilizing the appropriate contractor: 1) NorCal for routine surplus items, 2) Clean Harbor for e-waste, or 3) Other contractor(s) for items that require special removal/disposal requirements (i.e. rigging, etc.).

Since utilizing contractors to pick up surplus is expensive, scheduling may take longer than customary to ensure sufficient items are accumulated to make the scheduled pick-up cost effective.


Category I Equipment includes:

  • CRTs (Cathode ray tubes) - televisions and computer monitors
  • LCD desktop monitors
  • Laptop/Desktop computers and servers
  • LCD and Plasma televisions
  • AV equipment
  • External devices such as hard drives

Category I surplus equipment is subject to ETS handling for one or more of following reasons:
1. Equipment contains licensed software or college data (financial, medical, legal or private information).
2. Equipment needs to undergo asset evaluation as operable or non-operable.
3. ETS is the record keeper for asset records and deployment of reusable Category I equipment.

Category II Equipment:

Equipment that still contains circuit boards, electronics, or is considered Universal Waste or E-Waste but does not have a license, software or data. These are not processed through ETS. Examples are answering machines, calculators, cell phones, CD or DVD players, copiers, fax machines, pagers, PDAs, phonographs, printers, radios, scanners, stereos, tape players, tape recorders, telephones and telephone systems, VCRs, or any specialized equipment once used in the classroom with circuit boards or a screen greater than 4 inches diagonally. Because of the electronic component, this equipment will be tracked, stored and managed separately from furniture, file cabinets, tables and the broad array of items no longer needed by the district.