Risk Management is now offering OSHA-mandated training to all District employees. Currently three classes are available via the internet. Each class, and directions to participate, are listed below. If you have any questions, contact Purchasing Services at extension 6193, from an outside line (650) 949-6193, or via e-mail

Bloodborne Pathogens and IIPP (Illness and Injury Prevention)

Bloodborne and IIPP training is being offered through the Du-All Safety Training program. To participate in this training session, follow the instructions below. After completing your training, your department will be notified of your completion.

Go to the FHDA Web-Based Training Center

Electric Cart Certification

For employees and students that make use of electric carts on campus, a short-course has been developed to ensure that every driver understands operating procedures and guidelines while using their vehicle on campus. Users of this program are expected to pass a short-exam at the end of the study material to receive their authorization to a drive cart.

Go to the FHDA Web-Based Training Center