Bid ThresholdAnnual Adjustment to Threshold

Annual Adjustment to Threshold for Contracts Which Must be Competitively Bid


The California Department of Education's statutory bid threshold for community colleges is $90,200.00 as of January 1, 2018, pursuant to Public Contract Code 20651(d). This threshold applies to the following contracts:

  1. Purchase of equipment, materials, or supplies to be furnished, sold, or leased to the district;
  2. Services that are not construction services*; and
  3. Repairs, including maintenance as defined in Public Contract Code Section 20656, that are not a public projects as defined in Public Contract Code Section 22002(c).

The annual "Bid Threshold Adjustment Letter," published every January, can be found at the following link:

*The threshold also applies to Professional/Consultant Services pursuant to Government Code Section 53060.

"The legislative body of any public or municipal corporation or district may contract with and employ any persons for the furnishing to the corporation or district special services and advice in financial, economic, accounting, engineering, legal, or administrative matters if such persons are specially trained and experienced and competent to perform the special services required...."